Thursday, December 27, 2007
Malaysia Malaysia

So I'm back in Malaysia right now. Flew back on Christmas eve, and will be staying here till the 1th of January. I'm down with some weird sickness- sore throat, coughs, phlegm and nosebleeds which suck cos I haven't been sick in the last three years and now my body decides to act it. Regardless, I'm thoroughly enjoying the stay right now, even know I haven't really done much. Haven't really gotten to meeting friends and all that just yet but I have been stuffing myself with food like crazy :D Meeting with friends at church on Christmas was a joy and it really has been crazy how long it has been since I last saw them. Sophie and Liz were sitting in the row in front of us and we didn't even recognise them until Sophie glanced behind and all of us were like gasping and going, OMG! till people around told us to shush.

Good thing is I'm starting to slowly accumulate phone numbers which would make planning meets heaps easier. I hope to see all of my close friends who are currently in KL at least once before I leave, the more the better. Same goes with the food I guess. I hope to chomp on everything I love at least once, and the more the better :P

Shopping wise we haven't done much either, but we've spent heaps. Like hundreds of ringgit on glasses, contact lenses... and bras, much to my dad's despair. I think we're going a bit crazy because of the exchange rate but meh, it'll probably slow down soon when we realise we're broke.

In other news, my public bank bank account got cancelled. Found that out today when my atm card didn't work. Apparently there was not enough balance in there to keep it alive. Oh well, it will be missed.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Roadblock begins!

I joined up for NaNoWriMo this year again. I know, I know. How can a person who doesn't even maintain her blog ever commit to writing a fifty thousand word novel by the end of this month. Admittedly I haven't even begun (Totally forgot about it actually, until I checked my email a few days later), but I'm sure I'll have a few spare weekends to devote to this little endevour.

Novelettes aside, I've officially begun my final project for the game dev course. We're making a racing game for our project cos we thought it was the smartest way to go. My class wanted to avoid having character animation in our final game as we've heard plenty of horror stories on how ugly it can get especially if you do not have enough experience. I think we have a pretty good concept and hopefully the game will turn out well.

So a bit more about Roadblock (the game). It's basically a platform racing game, kinda like mario kart with more jumping and less cartoon-like. There's going to be lots of obstables like rocks, logs, ice patches, geysers, etc for the vehicle to use or avoid. We are also implementing power-ups like mines, missiles, boost, etc that the player can purchase and use to their advantage in the game.

Borrowing a bit from Mario Kart, we're going to have four cups in the Tournament mode. Each cup will have its own unique environment. We're gonna have tracks set in tropical islands, deserts, a frozen city (kinda like the one in day after tomorrow) and the final cup at a volcano type setting. We're still thinking of whether we should implement final boss type characters at the end of each cup to make things more interesting.

So anyway, we started actually making the game on Monday. It's going pretty slowly. I'm currently doing the poster and modelling one of the vehicles- a mini cooper lookalike thing. Hopefully we'll get it done by the end of the nineteen weeks ;)

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Sunday, April 22, 2007
I hurt my back

*Does a Russell Peters impersonation*

But yes, I slipped and fell on oily ground at Nando's >.< Landed flat on my freakin' back and was dazed for a few minutes. And the restaurant just became busy haha. Just been to the doctor. Apparently I strained my loin muscle which means a nice fat bundle of pain every time I try to sit down, stand up, lie down, get up, bend over, shake my butt and do all these things I love doing *sigh* One would think that fat bum of mine would do something to buffer the fall... but apparently it's for show only.

But anyway, this week has been rather suei. Fell down in Queen St on Thursday, bruised my knee. Forgot to bring eftpos card to Faith's bday dinner so I had to get Pat to pay for my meal. Forgot to bring various people things I'm supposed to bring for them. Missed my bus. Had a presentation (yes it counts as something suei), had assignments due (that too)... and quit my job. Of course that was followed by the fall in a way I thought could only happen in cartoons.

And.. I have another WIP thingie due tomorrow. Haven't done anything much with my back giving me problems and I guess I'll leave it for tomorrow morning and hope my back somehow gets better ^_^ Perhaps I should have painkillers ready, just in case :)

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Monday, April 16, 2007
This ain't a scene

I just bought a new hard drive! Brings my total internal hard disk space to 570GB! *Squees!*

Was watching some Ugly Betty episodes earlier. I'm a TV addict to the core, except I don't actually watch that much TV. Can't wait for Heroes and stuff to start again. Can't believe they made us wait for so long! I would go on about the last episode they played but I'm sure someone reading would send me death threats if I dare spoil.

So anyway, more apologies for the lack of updates. I've been... lazy as usual xD Remember the course I said I was doing in my last post many months ago? I'm still doing it. And boy, is the workload heavy. Even my degree wasn't so busy. It's a good thing I guess. If they don't force us to do anything, I'll probably end up not learning anything at all :D

So here's what I got for the next few weeks. I have had seven weeks to create an Unreal Tournament map for an environment design assignment (it's down to five now I think), I have two days to create a new concept for a game and another two days to summarise some chapter from my textbook. I haven't really started on anything as usual, surprise surprise but hopefully I'll get it done by the time their due xD

Not much happening in this part of the world. They've banned spanking in New Zealand, which I thought was ridiculous. In five years we'll have a whole horde of spoilt brats running around in this country. Certainly not looking forward to it. I mean, naughty corners/steps/whatever other area Supernanny uses can only do so much. Nothing beats a nice whack to the bum to set your kid straight.

Hmm... That Fall out Boy song is stuck in my head again o.o

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Haha I don't know how many people still come here. Maybe I scared everyone away with the post two entries below but anyways, I'll be starting uni again on November 27th. That unfortunately means I won't be able to go back to KL again this year. Sigh. Why is it that my course, of all courses out there, is the one without a summer break? Apparently I only get three weeks off for Christmas but that's it.

The new course I'm taking is a Graduate Diploma in Game Development, specialising in Game Art. Sounds flash don' it? Hopefully it wouldn't be waste of time. Well, wasting time is kinda like my specialty so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Till then I'd still be grilling chicken for Nando's of course. I wonder when I'm gonna quit. Hopefully sometime soon before I start spending the rest of my life there. Eeps.


In other news, see that bright shiny new graphic at the top left corner on top of my tagboard? I got tempted, succumbed and ended up participating in a challenge to write a fifty thousand word novel between the 1st and 30th of November 2006 :D What a challenge considering I moan so much when it comes to 3,000 word essays. I kinda have a plot floating around in my head somewhere so hopefully I'd be able to at least meet the word limit even if I don't finish the story.

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